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kimurayaka's Journal

Nagate/Kimura Ayaka Fan Community
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Name 長手絢香 Nagate Ayaka
ココナッツ娘。アヤカ/アヤカ Coconuts Musume Ayaka/Ayaka
(Real Name) 木村絢香 Kimura Ayaka
Birthdate October 30, 1981 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Height 161cm
Blood Type AB
Hobbies English, playing the piano and violin, playing volleyball and golf, cooking
Agency 1999–2008: Upfront Agency (Hello! Project)
2008-: Tristone Entertainment

Hello! Project Groups
Coconuts Musume (1999–2008)
ROMANS (2003)
Petitmoni (2002–2003)
Hello! Project Shuffle Units
2000: Kiiro 5
2001: 7nin Matsuri
2002: Sexy 8
2003: 11WATER
2004: H.P. All Stars

Official Profile ) Japanese Wikipedia ) wiki.theppn
Rules 1 All posts made must be related to Ayaka.
2 Friends lock all media posts.
3 No pictures more than 600px wide. Use thumbnails.
4 Try to tag your posts correctly.
5 Try to sound somewhat intelligent in your post.

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